:: Easter and teething

Yes…Easter was a week ago. And yes…I am proud that I am only one week behind on my posts.

Last week was a rough one. Due to travel and then teething and an ear infection, Lucy and I slept in the same bed for the better part of two weeks. And let me tell you…there is a reason that Lucy or any one-year-old does not sleep in our bed regularly. It’s like sleeping with a drunk Tasmanian Devil. Flip, turn, spin, dive, repeat. All night long. Needless to say, I have been in a much more pleasant mood the past few days after several nights of decent sleep.

Some Easter time happy littles…

midnight snack times for the teether and preggo…

finding one way to calm down a fussy baby…

egg hunts…

lots of loot…

silly sisters…

grass stains, rad Easter socks, and tulips…

rocking her first time on the bike…

big ol’ Easter eggs (nope, just me and my sis with accidentally matching pregnant bellies)…

these two…

and Easter bunnies and a risen Savior.

Sometimes the little things bring the biggest smiles. Any teething tips??


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