:: when day hikes go wrong

We learned something very important from Saturday’s attempt at a day hike with the girls…always always check for road closures before leaving the house. Apparently the Smokies got a whooooole lot more snow than we did down in Knoxville. Thanks to road closures and having to turn around 4 times, we spent almost 5 hours of driving to hike 2 miles.

Less stubborn folk would likely have turned around and gone home at the first obstacle. But Andy and I are about as stubborn as they come. And go home on a beautiful Saturday to do what…laundry? grocery shopping? housework? No way!!!!

But unfortunately the road closures just created a domino effect of things going wrong. Ellie spilled chocolate milk all over herself in the car (thanks to having to eat our Subway lunch in the car instead of on a mountain). And since we didn’t have any extra clothes, we had to strip her down and hang them out the window to dry. During which I closed the car window on Andy’s finger. I also gave Lucy a bloody lip while trying to get either a wad of chocolate or dirt out of her mouth while she was climbing around the back of the van. We ended up hiking a 2-mile trail…and we made it about 1 mile. We hiked for 2 hours, and 40 of those minutes were actual hiking. Five minutes was an awesome snowball fight, but Andy kept accidentally hitting Ellie in the face and neck and making her cry. The last 20 minutes of hiking was just Ellie crying while I held her hand and tried to get her back to the car. Our celebratory Mexican dinner involved a wad of beef nachos in Ellie’s shoes.

Thankfully, none of those things were serious. Andy didn’t lose a finger. And Lucy’s lip stopped bleeding after a minute or two.

And we did get to have some fun. When all the things go wrong with all the right people…well, it’s all just a little easier to take. And we had Ellie in the back seat singing Daniel Tiger…::When something seems bad turn it around and find something good.:: You parents know which song I’m talking about. That Daniel Tiger teaches me a lot of important life lessons.

So we turned it around and found:
– a beautiful day to drive and hike in the Smokies
– a snowball fight
– a snowman on top of a mountain
– hide-and-seek in the woods
– a Saturday spent as a family















2 thoughts on “:: when day hikes go wrong

  1. Appreciate the gratitude shift! There’s always a silver lining. Hiking is starting to teach me that 🙂

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