:: Trombone Shorty

First of all, how did parents accomplish any Christmas shopping in the days before Amazon?

Second, I admitted to my family after Thanksgiving that I was the dressing thief. You see…there were really only a couple of scrapings left. Some people may have even thrown that small measly amount away. Definitely not enough to split several ways. And I really didn’t want that small teeny dab of dressing to cause a fight between the family as you divvied up the leftovers. So really I was doing you all a favor in stashing those last scrapings away in the very bottom corner of the refrigerator and sneaking them out the next day. That little small scoop of dressing was just enough to make my annual Thanksgiving leftover sandwich. It had a higher calling than being shoved in someone’s mouth as an afterthought…it fulfilled its purpose as the pièce de résistance of my annual Thanksgiving leftover sandwich. So to sum up…you’re welcome everyone.

And third, my husband has officially turned me into a Trombone Shorty fan. I surprised Andy last weekend with a trip to Nashville for some yummy food, good shopping, and the Trombone Shorty show at Marathon Music Works. I hadn’t really intended to keep it a surprise for so long, but he absolutely hates not being in control or knowing what’s going on…so it became much more fun just to keep it all a surprise and watch him love/hate every minute. But back to Trombone Shorty. The guy is ridiculous. His band is ridiculous. High energy and loads of talent. So if you ever get a chance…go check him out.

Happy littles of late…

my annual Thanksgiving leftover treat…

finding these two together in the mornings…

a crazy lunch at BABALU

tasty toes…

Sunday morning Turtle races…

clean baby smells…

IMG_6106this face after learning about Trombone Shorty tickets…

IMG_6102and watching Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue do their thing…very very well. 

Sometimes the little things bring the biggest smiles. MY SANDWICH???????


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