:: Highlands, Thanksgiving, and life lately

Life has been incredibly sweet lately. Not perfect, but full of lots of sweet moments that help make all the other things disappear.

A few weekends ago I got to spend the weekend exploring Highlands, NC, with Emily. Man…I had forgotten how nice it is to eat without kids. And watch a movie. And have uninterrupted conversations. If you’ve never been to Highlands, I highly recommend it. If you’re considering spending a weekend with your best friend and leaving the kiddos at home, I highly recommend it.

And now we’ve finished up a Thanksgiving full of turkey, dressing, and time with family. It’s a rainy and lazy Sunday morning with a sick little one in the house. The house is decorated and the tree is lit…and the couch is calling for a day of movies with Ellie. Here’s to the holiday season and taking time to rest in the midst of the chaos.

Happy littles of late…

a weekend of hiking and dining in Highlands…

sunsets over Highlands…

front yard time with Emily and the girls…

cleaning up Two Sisters Wilderness with the littlest…

a Sunday night hot dog roast…

wanting to tickle these little armpits…

hanging out with Shakey Graves at the Bijou…

lunch with a princess…

watching Lucy in her happy place…

lots of smiles like this…

an afternoon at the quarry…

climbing hills with this cutie…

12rykerand watching these two wrestle on the couch for an hour.

Sometimes the little things bring the biggest smiles. What is one of your favorite Thanksgiving memories from this year?


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