:: T-Sweezy, Mick Jagger, and time off in Nashville

It’s crazy how difficult it is to leave your sweet little family…but then how wonderful it feels when you do. I’m sure there are lots of mommas out there who know exactly what I mean 🙂 My thirty hours off was just enough to make me long for about three more days of sleeping late, eating yummy food, getting to finish full cups of coffee, and having uninterrupted chats with friends.

Because my best friend is like the coolest gal in the world, I got to spend last weekend doing all of the above and watching thousands of girls singing their hearts out along with Taylor Swift. Taylor fan or no…she always puts on a pretty good show and has great special guests (Mick Jagger, baby!!).

And man…I do miss Nashville sometimes. There’s a reason the entire world seems to be flocking there. This little big city is doing a lot of things right. Great people. Delicious food. Awesome parks. And always something fun going on around town. (hint…next time you’re in town, head to THE POST EAST for Bluegrass Brunch)






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