:: ice and snow and nowhere to go (or why I’ll never live above the Mason-Dixon Line)

It was fun while it lasted, but I am not upset to finally see the ice and snow melting. There is only so much being cooped up and freezing cold that I can handle. I am no doubt a spring and fall kind of girl. Give me a good one or two snows a year to sled, build snowmen, and eat snow cream and I’m good.

The greatest gift from last week’s winter weather was simply time. Time to play and learn with Ellie. Time to visit with neighbors. Time to have long overdue conversations with my husband. Time to watch movies and sit by the fire. Time for family breakfasts at the kitchen table. Time simply to rest.

Some snow week happy littles…

1birdhouse.jpgpainted birdhouses and frozen farmland…

redneck sledding…

thrill seekers…

learning to read…

winter hikes and snowball fights…

Lenten beginnings and a Jesus who loves little children…

delivering homemade cookies to sweet neighbors…

learning at home…

joining Dada for his yearly tradition of watching Lonesome Dove by the fire…

an early birthday celebration, a home-cooked meal, and good conversation with my sweet family…

11cardins.jpgand satisfying pregnancy cravings with a strawberry hot fudge milkshake at CARDIN’S.

Sometimes the little things bring the biggest smiles. What is your favorite way to spend a snow day?


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