:: 8 months and counting

I’ve decided that there should be a support group for women who are eight months pregnant. A place where we can go commiserate about lack of sleep, acid reflux, swollen ankles, narcoleptic tendencies, aching backs and hips, waddling gait, leg cramps that throw us out of bed at 2am, and the desire for time to both fly by so that we can finally claim our bodies back and stand still so that we can continue to feel our babes squirming around in our bellies. If a group like that exists, sign me up. I’m pretty sure my family and friends are tired of my whining and complaining.

Happy littles of late…

a successful first trip to the dentist…

showing off pearly whites…

my momma’s spaghetti…

a mother-in-law who comes bearing freezer meals…

two long walks at the park and playground pit stops…

6icecream.jpgand dinner guests who bring homemade ice cream in February. 

Sometimes the little things bring the biggest smiles. Any 8-monthers out there want to join me in a whine-fest?


One thought on “:: 8 months and counting

  1. Oh Julia, I know much about which you wrote. The time has slipped up on me. I want to make a blanket for Lucy, but I don’t want it to be like the one I made Ellie. My problem is that I do not recall what hers looks like. I have made lots of them, you know. Could you describe Ellie’s blanket or send me a pic. I want to shop tomorrow for the yarn. Love your posts! Grandmother

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