:: toddler tantrums and a rainy fall weekend

What do two girls do when they’re home alone on a rainy October weekend? Well, the first step is to get rid of any notion of being productive. Once that very important fact has been accepted, then it’s going to movies, buying pumpkins and apple cider, letting the kind folks of Cracker Barrel make you a home-cooked meal, staying in PJs all morning and watching TV, and eating pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for snack times.

Happy littles of late…

two date nights in a row…one with yummy coffee at BLUE MASON and the other catching up with old friends while supporting the wonderful ministry of YOUNG LIFE in Knoxville…

tending to MAMMAW’s wounds…

one of Knoxville’s best BURGERS

surviving a trip to Target with a toddler…

the gift of grace to cover my shortcomings as a parent, and somehow being able to walk away from an afternoon of being pushed (by the little stinker you see above) in front of the cashier at Panera, having a shoe thrown at me in the car (on purpose/in an angry fit), giving two spankings, and being yelled at the entire ride home with a smile and a laugh at the crazy dynamic of a mother/daughter and the tenaciousness of a two-year-old (after the little stinker had gone down for a nap of course)…

staying in bed until 8 on a rainy morning, only to move to the couch and read and watch Nick Jr for 2.5 hours without even a shred of guilt.

Sometimes the little things bring the biggest smiles. What’s your favorite lazy day activity?


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