:: Dear Nashville…

Dear Nashville,

I miss you. Driving your streets still feels like home. Thank you for one ridiculously good weekend.

I needed good, uninterrupted conversations with dear friends. You handed them out like candy at a parade.
I needed rest from crazy months of packing, moving, morning sickness, pregnancy fatigue, and wrangling a toddler. You gave me two mornings of reading and watching Homeland.
I needed maternity clothes. You gave me a day to shop at Target, Old Navy, and Green Hills Mall.
I needed some good music. You gave me an AWESOME BAND at a little AMPHITHEATER tucked back into the woods on a crisp fall-like evening.
I needed to enjoy some yummy food without a kiddo pulling my ponytail and climbing over my lap. You gave me DOSE, ROLF AND DAUGHTERS, CITY HOUSE, BREAD AND COMPANY, PINEWOOD SOCIAL, and M.L. ROSE.
I needed a really good cup of coffee. You gave me the CREMA Cuban.
I needed exercise and fresh air. You gave me wooded trails through Edwin Warner park.
I needed some time with my BESTIE. You gave me more quality time in one weekend than we’ve had in the past nine months.

I feel rested and refreshed. Thank you for a wonderful visit. I’m already looking forward to my next one.

Yours truly,








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