:: settling in

Knoxville…so far I have enjoyed your parks, farmer’s market, BBQ, unique restaurants, and coffee shops. And I must say that I am pleased. And I’m ready for more.

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel being back in East Tennessee after being gone for ten years. But I gotta say…my heart is full. I have missed these mountains and rivers. I have missed being able to see my family on a regular basis. I have missed being in a college football town (sorry Vandy fans). I have missed Grainger County tomatoes. I have missed running into friends that I have known since I was four years old.

It feels good to be home.

Only one thing is missing…EMILY, get your butt to East Tennessee.

Some recent happy littles…

1urbanwilderness.jpga morning exploring HERE

2rocks.jpgnot getting squashed by rocks…

3petes.jpgoh-so-good biscuits and gravy at PETE’s

4coffee.jpga great state and a delicious LATTE

5foothillsmilling.jpgcelebrating 10 years with the hubs with a ridiculously delicious dinner at FOOTHILLS MILLING COMPANY (we seriously laughed through most of the meal at how freaking awesome everything tasted)…

6fair.jpgthis little cutie going to the fair with her cousins, Aunt Laura, and DeDe (while I enjoyed aforementioned dinner)…

7menchies.jpgcelebrating a great first day of school with ice cream (I think she liked it)…

8bbq.jpgpig butts and banana pudding at DEAD END BBQ

9swimming.jpgspending the day with friends in a pool by the lake (and having friends who have a pool by the lake that they’re willing to share. Thanks D and fam!)…

10knoxmason.jpga Friday night on the town with friends, catching up over pork rinds and steak at KNOX MASON, and ending the night with a tasty treat at COOLATO GELATO

11housemtn.jpgand a morning workout on House Mountain.

Sometimes the little things bring the biggest smiles. All you Knoxvillians out there…what are your favorite places to eat?



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