:: the Lowe’s are moving to Knoxville!

We’re headed to Knoxville! Toward the mountains, family, and a great job opportunity for the hubs. He’s been given the chance to head up the Business Valuation department in his company’s Knoxville office, so he will be getting to do both things that he loves…networking and making spreadsheets. And he’s awesome at both. Seriously…the man knows no stranger and makes spreadsheets that are like works of art (Just ask to see our family budget sometime. I’ll have to hire someone to figure it out if something ever happens to him).

We’re definitely filled with an equal mix of excitement and sadness. Nashville has become our home over the past ten years, and there is a lot that we will miss. But Knoxville has a lot to offer, and we can’t wait to start exploring the city and making it our home. We’re especially glad to be back near the mountains and closer to family (it’s always nice to have free childcare every now and then!).

So look out K-town! The Lowe’s are coming!



2 thoughts on “:: the Lowe’s are moving to Knoxville!

  1. ok this one made me cry too. yes because of the move but also because of how you express yourself in words. concise, informative, and often funny. and that is my daughter doing that. so i cry. you make me so proud. dad

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