My Happy :: Teaching

I think one reason that I love teaching, of course, is the ::innocence:: of those sweet young things. They come into my classroom with that purity of spirit, so trusting, so eager to learn. Their little faces say it all…here I am, ready to learn, ready to love you, ready to be inspired! I take that ::so:: seriously! What an awesome responsibility!

Also I love the element of ::surprise:: that comes with each new day, each new year. You never know what to expect! And you never know what you’re going to hear!

The best thing about it is the ::hope:: that comes from learning. If I even play a little role in the opening of these little brains to learning, to the realization that there is so much to be discovered about the world (and that it can be ::fun:: to learn!) then I am helping them on a life-long journey. We never stop learning!

And how many folks get a do-over every August? // Pam







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