:: it’s my birfday

It’s been a good birthday week. Although I’m getting a little freaked out about how far I am into my 30’s. But life is good, I am blessed, and I try not to think about getting older. What’s the point, right?

This has definitely been a happy week. How can it not be when everyone is celebrating ::me::! Cookies, cake, presents, dining out.  It’s a shame every week can’t be birthday week. My folks also came into town later in the week, and Andy and I got to share a meal with just them on Thursday for another birthday celebration (thanks to Em, we got to leave Bean at home). I have a large family and we have always believed ::the more the merrier:: (which I ::love::), so time with just my parents is a rare but wonderful thing. Bean also went on her first shopping trip with MeMe and scored a new skirt, bracelets, soccer ball, and an Ariel play set. She hasn’t taken the skirt off, the bracelets have been on and off her wrists no less than thirty times, she played soccer all over Opry Mills Mall, and we have been playing Ariel non-stop.  I think they were all good purchases.

Some happy littles from the week…

a birthday bagel…

a handsome lunch date lookin’ hot in purple…

de-li-cious sugar cookies from THE FLOUR SHOP (you seriously need to try them) and Bean eating half the candle…

a yummy BBQ birthday dinner…

looking forward to reading this (if you haven’t seen THIS TRAILER or read MINDY’S BOOK, you need to)…

cream corn brulee, charred broccoli, macaroni gratinee, wagyu filet and a good night with MOM and Dad…

wearing a skirt out of the store and doing ballet for the sales ladies…

Bean checking out all her new loot with MeMe…


being too young to care what others think about you…


discovering ATLAS OBSCURA

a two-year old’s sense of style…

playing soccer in a skirt and cowboy boots…

and dressing up for a lunch date with MeMe.  Loving Nashville life.

Sometimes the little things bring the biggest smiles.  How do you like to celebrate getting older?


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